Welcome to the ILLINOIS READS website,

an exciting initiative sponsored by the
Illinois Reading Council, which aims to promote literacy across the state of Illinois.

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Dear Friend:


Reading is a gift that provides endless enjoyment and sets readers on a path to lifelong learning.  I am pleased to announce the creation of Illinois Reads, an exciting new statewide reading initiative that will be launched next spring by the Illinois Reading Council.  

The Illinois Reads concept is to encourage Illinoisans to read books by Illinois authors.  We are in the process of choosing books written solely by Illinois authors who we believe will truly engage the interests of citizens throughout Illinois.  These books will range from read-aloud books for infants to read-to books for senior citizens and everything in between.

As Illinois State Librarian, I am proud to serve as honorary chairman of the Illinois Reads Committee.  Become an Illinois Reads Ambassador by accessing the link on this page and completing the application. This will allow us to provide you with updates as our plans progress. Our website will offer webinars, author interviews, book reviews, book trailers, art work, virtual community conversations and other interesting features. 

I look forward to your support of Illinois Reads!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Illinois Reading Council at 888-454-1341 or by email at
Jesse White
Honorary Chair, Illinois Reads
Illinois Secretary of State and
State Librarian