Cat Knit

by Jacob Grant                     

Cat Knit weaves itself into a wonderfully poignant tale of friendship and loyalty. Cat and a ball of yarn become close friends, hiding in bags, playing tic tac toe and even sledding, until one day Yarn makes an unbelievable change. Girl turns him into a scratchy sweater for Cat. Unhappy, Cat flees into a winter storm where he wriggles out of the sweater only to have a change of heart when he sees his old friend lying cold and lonely in the snow. In the end, Cat and Yarn are reunited, and their friendship endures when Girl rewards Cat with two new Yarn friends.

Go-Go Gorillas

by Julia Durango                       

Julia Durango’s Go-Go Gorillas is written in a delightfully rhythmic text, with a storyline and theme of family celebration. The rhythm and rhyme of the text make it a fun read-aloud, as the story introduces the elements of family relations and various forms of transportation. The easy-to-chant refrain invites the readers and listeners to join in the fun. The colorful details of the Illustrations match the happenings in the story perfectly. As the story line builds, the question of “what’s the big news?” is revealed in a joyful and fun, surprise ending!

Feathers and Hair, What Animals Wear

by Jennifer Ward                         

At first glance, a wild animal’s appearance may seem simple. But there is fascinating science behind every part of an animal’s physique—from its nose to its toes! Celebrated author Jennifer Ward explores different kinds of fur, feathers, skin, and scales in this nonfiction picture book that’s truly like no other. From porcupines and polar bears to octopuses and owls, you’ll never see animal outerwear the same way!

Raisin, The Littlest Cow

by Miriam Busch and illustrated by Larry Day

Raisin, the littlest cow in the herd, absolutely does NOT like change. When her mother has a new baby cow, everything changes — and NOT in a good way. Just when things can’t possibly get worse, Raisin discovers a change in herself — one that delights the whole herd.  A story about boosting ourselves up.

Baby Loves Thermodynamics!
by Ruth Spiro                          

Babies are natural scientists, discovering and experimenting every minute. With bright, quirky illustrations and simple text, this adorable board book illustrates a practical and accessible example of thermodynamics:  the science of heat and energy. All the energy in Baby comes from the sun. Explore the transfer of energy as it flows from sun to apple to Baby. Parents and caregivers may learn a thing or two, as well!

by Stacey Previn                  

Aberdeen never meant to leave the yard in the first place. BUT a balloon floated by and ... He is suddenly off on an unexpected adventure! Before long, Aberdeen follows his whims and fancy to unknown territory, a little too far away from home - and from mama.  Who doesn't know the feeling of one thing leading to another leading to another - until you're not quite sure how you ended up where you did? Aberdeen's adorable antics will have readers excited to see where he lands next, and on the edges of their seats as he searches for a way back home.

Special thanks goes to Roberta Sejnost, Leslie Forsman, Carol Owles, Julie Hoffman, Mallory P., Sherry Sejnost, Sheila Ruh, Amy Potts-Ostrowski, Donna Vorreyer, and Tammy Potts for their help in writing the book descriptions for the 2018 books.